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Earlier today, the Serie A (Italy) officially announced that the league will be returning on June 20. Currently, 4 of the top 5 European Leagues (France has cancelled their league) have announced a restart date. Bundesliga (Germany) is already started and the other 3 will begin play in June. None of these leagues will have spectators for the rest of the season.

The Premier League is coming back! The English soccer league has been inactive since March 13 and there are still 92 games to play. They will play without fans, however. Be prepared for one of the first games of the returned season, Man City vs Arsenal. The La Liga has also come back, along with the Bundesliga.

Both Liverpool and Manchester United want to buy 24 year old Timo Werner from RB Leipzig, a speedy striker who has scored 38 goals in 30 games this season. Who do you think will get Werner?

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Enjoy this video about "Legendary Skills" by SportsHD on Youtube!

My favorite soccer formation is the 4-2-3-1 (Narrow), as it puts emphasis on both attack and defence. I also like it because it get high-rated FUT drafts in FIFA. I don't like, however, that there is no room for Wingers/Wide Midfielders. I know 4-2-3-1 (Wide) has room for side Mids but that formation is too defensive and has a lot of space in the center, in my opinion.

- On this day 11 years ago, Lionel Messi scored a header (He's 5'7"!) against Man United as Barcelona won 2-0 in the 2009 Champions League final.

Here is the best Bundesliga team (in my opinion) in FIFA 20, in a 4-3-2-1 formation. Made with the FIFA 20 squad builder on Futhead. You can view the squad here. Here is the team:

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Earlier today I made predictions for the biggest Bundesliga game (or maybe biggest game in the world right now) of the month, Dortmund vs Bayern. I ended up only getting 1 out of my 3 predictions correct. I guessed right that Bayern would win. They won 1-0 in a kind of boring game (in my opinion). View the highlights (and all of my wrong predictions) here on Champs.

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Dortmund vs Bayern is today at 2:30 New York Time and it will be the start of a new Bundesliga matchday. My Predictions for this epic derby between (currently) the two biggest teams in Germany is that Haaland or Guirrero will score once and Bayern will win or tie. Davies will also score. I'll update this post later with the final results and see if my predictions were correct.
UPDATE: Bayern won 1-0 but Guirrero, Haaland, and Davies did not score. Here are the highlights, from FOX Sports:

On This Day 2 years ago, Gareth Bale came off of the bench for Real Madrid in the Champions League final and Scored an unbelievable bicycle kick 2 minutes later to give Real the lead, 2-1. They ended up winning 3-1 as Bale scored another goal.

Here is a video of the art of passing in soccer. It is worth the 10-minute watch time! Enjoy!

Brazilian winger Phillipe Coutinho may go to Arsenal after Bayern Munich changed the $120m loan fee into a parmanent move fee. Coutinho, who had a great stint at Liverpool before moving to Barcelona and not doing very well, then being sold to Bayern, having a great start, and then started being played on the bench more and more. Perhaps Arsenal hopes that he will be great in Arsenal just like in Liverpool, as they are both in the Premier League. Truth be told, Arsenal does have a lack of experienced players, and having someone at a top level like Coutinho could really help the club out. I still think that it's not worth the $120m and Coutinho at Arsenal will be a flop just like at Barca and Bayern, but with an unpredictable character like Coutinho, you never know.

Juventus struck an exclusive deal with Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) last year and will not be in FIFA 20 due to licensing issues. However, FIFA 20 will have a "fake" Juventus by the name of Piemonte Calcio. Piemonte is a part of Italy, where Juventus started. Calcio means "soccer" in Italian. Piemonte Calcio will have Juventus Players but not their badge or jersey. Other teams like Bayern have signed deals with PES, but they also have deals with FIFA 20. Which is your favorite, PES or FIFA?

Here is the current Bundesliga table after Matchday 26. Keep tuned for Matchday 27, Bayern and Dortmund are playing off on Tuesday and we will have all of the live updates of the game right here on Champs!

- In 1966, Peru & Argentina soccer fans fought in Lima and 248 died. This was a very sad and tragic event. RIP 248 fans.
- In 2005, Liverpool had maybe the most dramatic Champions League Final comback ever, as they went from 3-0 down to tied 3-3 in 6 minutes.
- 80 years ago, Boca Juniors' historic stadium was completed.

German team Bayer Leverkusen filled its stadium with over 20,000 cardboard cutout of fans in a game against Borussia Monchengladbach on May 23 in the Bundesliga (Germany). Fans from both sides were represented in the "crowd". Here is a picture of the weird event.

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During the Covid-19 outbreak, many companies such as FOX, ESPN, and NBC Sports have discussed using VR to watch soccer games because fans are currently not allowed. Here are some reasons why this is a good and bad idea.
- VR Headsets cost a lot, typically between $300 and $500 on Amazon.
- Amazon and other delivery companies are currently busy delivering Covid-19 essentials such as Hand Sanitizer and Toilet Paper.
- It's bad for your eyes and cen even cause Cybersickness.
- Fans will feel just like they are at a match.
- They will be able to hear and see in all directions.
- VR headsets still cost less than a TV.
Attatch microphones onto the headsets and hook them up to stadium speakers so the players can also get a realistic experience of the fan cheers and chants.
All in all, I think VR at soccer games is a good idea. What about you?

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Mario Gotze will leave Dortmund, the club confirmed today. Gotze, a German midfielder best known for scoring the winning goal in the 2014 World Cup Final, has been played on the bench more and more. Whether he will retire or move on to another (smaller) club is still unrevealed. Here is him scoring the winning goal in 2014:

- On this day in 1964, a riot erupted at a South American soccer match due to a referee call. Hundreds died. Read more about this tragedy here.
- 5 years ago, Jurgen Klopp left Dortmund and went on to Liverpool

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5-2 was the score in a thrilling game between Bayern and Frankfurt in the Bundesliga (Germany). Bayern is now at the top of the Bundesliga, 4 points above Dortmund. Here are the highlights from FOX soccer:

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Dortmund overtook Wolfsburg 2-0 in the Bundesliga today. It started with a goal from Guerreiro after a comical miss from Haaland and then it was finished with a goal from Hakimi late on. Here is the first goal, courtesy of FOX sports on Twitter:

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In 1991 San Diego Sockers win their 4th consecutive Major Soccer League championship, an MLS record.

The Spanish Prime minister has given La Liga (Spain) permission to restart play behind closed doors starting June 8th. Spain was one of the major Covid-19 hit countries but has controlled it well and most officials feel "confident" in the league's restart. To see how Germany did on its restart, go here.

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The Bundesliga is back again for the weekend. The first game today is Hertha Berlin vs Union Berlin! The other games will be during the weekend. Here is the full matchup schedule: (All times below are in New York Time)
Also, the next matchday is starting only on Tuesday, and Bayern-Dortmund is the first game!

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- Mario Manzukic's 34th birthday
- George Best's 74th birthday. He died on November 25, 2005 due to an eccess of Alcohol. RIP George Best.

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MLS (Major League Soccer) has canceled its All-Star Game due to Covid-19. The game, which was supposed to take place on July 29th this year in LA, is an annual tradition from the MLS with big players from big teams, usually in Mexico and sometimes in Europe. American (MLS) teams are also usually involved. While Germany has already resumed play, the MLS won't resume until June, the league confirmed.

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Part of the Bundesliga (German) Team of the Season (TOTS) has been released on FIFA 20. More on this topic coming soon. Check out the list of players chosen for the team so far here.

My favorite player is Erling Haaland. I like him because
- He's an underdog
- He scores a lot
- He's cool
That's my favorite player.

Costa Rica is restarting their league, confirm sources. They are the first country to play soccer again in the Americas (North and South) after the Covid-19 outbreak. They have more restrictions now, including social distancing, less extreme celebrations, and play behind closed doors. To see how the first major league to reopen went on its first weekend, go here.

Enjoy this cat and its amazing reflexes!

On This Day is 2003, Celtic and Porto played the UEFA Cup final game in Seville.

Two transfer rumours have been curculation recently.
- Roma Forward Zaniolo to Liverpool
- Napoli Defender Koulibaly to Manchester United.
- Neuer will not leave Bayern
- Traore may go to Man United
- Kluivert to Arsenal
More news on this topic coming soon.

On this day two years ago, Andres Iniesta played his last game for Barcelona. He sat on the pitch until every fan had left (around 2AM).

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Happy 42nd birthday to Italian legend Andrea Pirlo, who shined at AC Milan and the 2006 FIFA World Cup.

Have fun watching this 10 minute video about strange goals!

- Man City won the FA Cup 1 year ago
- Vardy signed for Leicester
- Beckham played his last game ever
More #onthisday coming soon!

Werder Bremen vs Leverkusen is on Monday (Today) and will be the last game of the first Bundesliga weekend back from Covid-19. Bundesliga (German) was the first league to start again after the crisis. So far, everything is going well, according to the Bundesliga.
Update: 4-1 Leverkusen FULL TIME

Questions are beginning to surface over whether the Premier League (England) will have enough time to finish thier season. Covid-19 is delaying the season and the English may have to cancel their league, like the French and Dutch.

2 goals were scored today in the Bundesliga, both from the same game and same team. Lewandowski netted 40 minutes in from a penalty and Pavard added a second goal with a header late on. Bayern currently hold the top spot in the Bundesliga, 4 points above Dortmund.

1-0 in the 40th minute from the penalty spot for Bayern Munich!

Swedish striker Ibrahimovic will leave AC Milan at the end of the season. He already holds the record for most combined transfer fees and has played for 9 clubs. He may retire after leaving Milan, considering he is 38. There are also rumors that he will go to MLS club Inter Miami, coached by retired legend David Beckham.

The Bayern vs Union Berlin starting lineups have been revealed. This game is sure to be full of goals.

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- Belgium striker Romelu Lukaku was born 27 years ago
- The first ever non-English soccer club is founded in 1860. The club is named TSV 1860 Munich.

Earlier today in a 4-0 win against Shalke 04 for Dortmund, Haaland celebrated his goal by doing a social distancing celebration. This was meant to encourage others not to spread Covid-19. Here is an image of the celebration:

My favorite player is Lionel Messi. I like him because
- He's an underdog
- He donates to charity
- He's very good at dribbling
That's my favorite player.

- Luis Figo's birthday
- Chelsea win the 2013 Europa League

Haaland has scored another goal for Dortmund vs Shalke 04. The final score was 4-0! He also was revealed to have a 95 rated card in the new FIFA 20 TOTS Bundesliga (Germany).

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18 years ago, Zidanine Zidane scored perhaps the most famous goal in Champions League history. I'm not going to say any more. Just enjoy.

According to, the best young players in FIFA 20 currently are:
GK: G Donnarumma,
CB: M de Ligt,
RB: T Alexander-Arnold,
LB: A Davies,
RM: J Sancho,
CDM: S Tonali
LM: B Saka,
CAM: P Foden,
CDM: F Valverde,
RW: K Mbappe,
CF: Joao Felix,
ST: E Haland,
LW: Vinicius Jr.
That's all the FIFA 20 for today!

The Bundesliga (German League) has revealed that it will now allow up to 5 substitutes per team per match due to Covid-19. In order to quickly finish the season, many matches will be played within a day of each other and it is vital to let the players get some rest. The normal FIFA maximum is 3 per team.

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Answering questions by this post, the England government has cleared the Premier League to continue in June. Soccer has been stopped since March due to the Covid-19 crisis. Here are the teams in the Premier League, with Liverpool (2nd from right, 2nd from top) currently in first place with 82 points, 25 ahead of 2nd place Man City (2nd from bottom, 2nd from left).

The last game at Tottenham Hotspurs' old stadium (White Hart Lane) was on this day 4 years ago. Tottenham beat Man United 2-1. The stadium was then closed for repairs.

Due to Covid-19, the Premier League (England) may not be able to finish due to Covid-19. It will be resumed on June 1 if allowed, but they must choose a fate by May 25th. They may abandon their leagues, like France and the Netherlands.

England FA confirmed that League 1 and League 2 (Divisions 3 and 4) are cancelling their leagues due to Covid-19. Premier League and the Championship (Divisions 1 and 2) will not be cancelling but their dates of resumption are yet to be revealed by the FA.

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Make sure you catch the game Dortmund vs Shalke 04 on the first weekend of the return of the Bundesliga (Germany)! This game, known as the Rivierderby, always brings excitement to the pitch! The game is at 2:30 P.M. GMT on Saturday.

The Ligue 1 (French) and Erevidise (Dutch) leagues have been cancelled, unlike Bundesliga (German), who plans to restart this weekend. More news on the topic coming soon.

Ajax midfielder Hakim Ziyech has moved to Chelsea, the club confirmed. Ziyech, a midfielder with amazing vision and pass accuraccy, was sold for only $38.7m. The transfer will be completed on July 1st, according to ESPN.

The first TOTS (Team of the Season) release date has started! So far, the only major league to be released is Super Lig (Turkey). Go here for a list of who is the most likely to be in the TOTS Squads.

Ousmane Dembele joined Barcelona for $105m and Barca is only expecting $60m dollars in return. He has undoubtebly been a big flop and waste of money to the club. If you want an example of a Dembele fail, look at this video:

A good scoreboard site to see live soccer scores from around the world is this ESPN site. It can sometimes be a little laggy, but it's the best one around!

The Bundesliga is starting again this weekend, say sources. The German League will be one of the first to restart playing after Covid-19 swept through (and out) of the country. More leagues are sure to follow in their footsteps.

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-Gerrard scored his famous goal as Liverpool won the FA Cup 14 years ago
-Aguero's famous last-minute goal to win the Premier League 8 years ago
(Both leagues/cups above are English)

During the Covid-19 Pandemic, all soccer is at a halt. When soccer will be played again at a professional level is one of the main questions of many soccer fans around the world. No doubt, they will be thrilled to hear that Serie A (Italian league) may be back and running by as soon as June 13. Italy, one of the major Covid-19 victims, will give permission for the Serie A to start again as soon as June 13. Other leagues are yet to release information on reopening.

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